The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App (Swgoh)is one kind of role-playing game where you can collect characters from Star Wars like Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia and so on. With the collected characters, you can fight with opponents to conquer them. To win the battles, you have to manufacture your own strategy. Each specific character has its own superpowers. You have to decide and create a team with all kinds of abilities, including winning battles.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Make them powerful

Any teamwork is efficient if one particular person leads them effectively. This game follows that formula. You can unlock a special leader who could lead to glory. Train your players to upgrade their abilities through the rewards earned in previous battles. You can also buy the required coins from the store. All the characters can be upgraded to a maximum level of seven stars. The droids take care of the training of your characters in Swgoh.

Know your objectives in Swgoh

This option contains all the daily activities you need to do and attain rewards. You also have some quests. The quests make suggestions about players’ training and team management and reward you with some points. The objectives section also has all your achievements which boosts your morale.

Combat in fabled locations

When your team’s training is completed, fasten your seat belts and prepare for the war. You can unlock the locations by completing the allotted missions. You can also unlock the light-side and dark-side campaigns.

The Inventory

The name itself suggests that it has all your characters. You can make them powerful here only. You have all the characters and their required level-ups. You can buy or equip a new character from inventory only. The squad option is also available to manage your squad. Your war journey is available here to know where you are travelling. The modernized home page contains much more intriguing options like Championships, guides, mod challenges, mod battles, shipments, arena table, scavenger, etc. These features get activated throughout your journey.


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes beginner Guide

This Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Application combines smooth gameplay and extraordinary character display, which resembles the real characteristics of the star war. The graphic display allows you to experience close to reality anime characteristics. You can change the graphic modulations according to your mobile configuration. 

How to Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App

You can download games like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is available there are DC Legends games App, DC Universe Online App, Angry Birds Epic Apk, Summoners War App, Walking Dead: Road to Survival App, MARVEL Future Fight App, Heroes of Dragon Age App, Heroes Charge App.

Customized preferences

These preferences only make your experience cooler. You can enhance the sound of VFX and music here. The tips and tricks feature will be an added advantage for new users. It explains all the features, in-game controls, squad management, etc. You can choose to change the time settings of all the rewards according to your convenience. The help and connect option will help to contact the care.

Connect with google play

We will provide you with a recovery option in terms of connecting with google play. This feature enables you to recover your lost data. When you re-install the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Apk on Android, you can resume from wherever you left it before.

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