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Simulation games always feel satisfying, right? The Cooking Fever Mod Apk is such a cooking simulation game. Now, you are thinking that Cooking game is all about just cooking. No, it’s not. This Cooking Fever game is a combination of cooking as well as effective management of time. This is completely a web-based game that needs a continuous internet connection. In this game, you will be the head of food restaurants to serve the customers. Be the master in cooking and serving and later become MasterChef of the town. We won’t let you settle with confined things. You can select locations and restaurants from a wide variety of choices. Make a good decision on good ingredients to make delicious dishes to serve the customers. You can also decorate the restaurant to attract customers.

Cooking Fever mod apk

More About Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Soon after opening the Cooking Fever Mod Apk game, you will find an assistant who will take you through all the options and make you aware of all the options. The game starts with cooking in a simple restaurant, while other big ones need to be unlocked by you using the rewards such as coins and gems won by you in the previous assignments. Customers visit your restaurants asking for different food items like soft drinks, pizzas, cookies, and a vast variety of items. You will get coins through the achievements also.

Cooking Fever Games Presents

The home screen of this Cooking Fever game contains a 360­­0­­ view of the town housing restaurants all over it. All the restaurants are of a different kind serving their own unique food. Some of the restaurants are Chinese restaurants, Pizzeria, Bakery, Sports bars, Rock& Roll bars, Indian dinners, Gourmet restaurants, Seafood Bistro, Sushi restaurants, Breakfast cafés, fast food courts, and so on. The names themselves suggest that the town is charged-up with all kinds of dishes.

Cooking Fever mod apk

Each restaurant or food court contains all the information about level statistics, completed tasks, and Level progress. You can always check the statistics of different items served in each of the food parks. Once you have enough coins and gems, you can upgrade the kitchen, which will increase the price of the dishes served to increase the profits. If you upgrade the interior infrastructure of the kitchen, it will bring extra clients and increase the tips. You can set up some gadgets like a TV, gaming spot, aquarium, and many more for the customers to have some fun while waiting for food.

Download Cooking Fever Mod Apk on Android

You can earn coins with daily bonuses and daily quests as well. Sometimes you can also buy coins and gems with real currency if needed and if you are interested. But the Cooking Fever game App is absolutely free, and using real currency is completely up to your choice. 

Cooking Fever Mod Apk has its own trendy look appearance with liquid flow graphics. All of these make you feel cooking real and make you involved. The ever-improving graphics and controls will never disappoint you. You can also play Cooking Fever game on PCs. The Cooking game is available in multiple languages ad excellent customer service within time to solve your queries.


We gave the option to sync your data to either Facebook or Google. You can always recover the data on any device at any point in time.

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